New iMac Unveiled

from the does-this-mean-i-have-to-get-a-new-toaster dept

The January 14th issue of Time will feature the new iMac.. Lucky for us, the online version is already out and we can see the new iMac. We’ll see if this new iMac will turn Apple’s market share around. It’s pretty, but will it sell? thinks it looks like a desk lamp. I like desk lamps. Update: It looks like the timecanada links are no longer working, but has pictures available now.

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Comments on “New iMac Unveiled”

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msykes says:


Steve’s going to be pissed! This is not a man you want to tick off, I bet he flies up to Canada in his private Jet and personally kicks the ass of someone at Time Canada!!!

I’m sort of dissappointed that the keynote is ruined for me tomorrow as well, I wonder what kind of a mood he’ll be in.

Not to mention that there could still be something else up his sleeve…


msykes says:

Re: I hate CNET!

Okay, you should probably never reply to your own post… but man does cnet suck. . They compare the high end iMac, with DVD-R drive, to an IBM with a CD-ROM??? Ummm, why not compare the iMac that costs 500$ less?

Here’s a great quote from the article:
“Apple’s computer resembles IBM’s NetVista X series the most out of existing competitors. This also would not be the first time Apple followed an IBM design innovation. “

Ha! Apple follows IBM?!? Man, whoever wrote that article has been hanging around with Michael Dell too much!

Okay, I’m shutting up. Sure I’m a Mac fan, and I’m biased, but all I really ask for is some reasonably balanced coverage, not cnet’s anti-apple bullshit.


PS: Can you say “bullshit” on Techdirt?:-)

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