Media Grok Returns… For A Fee (And Under A New Name)

from the too-pricey dept

Media Grok always was one of the best parts of the old Industry Standard. While the Standard struggled, the Media Grok team tried to soldier on until everything closed up. Now, they’ve brought the old gang back together to offer up the exact same daily column under the name Media Unspun (to avoid trademark issues). Sounds good, right? Well, starting in March they’ll want you to pay $50 a year for it. $50? Yeah, $50. The article linked above points out that this is almost as much as the Wall Street Journal is charging. The Media Grok (er… Unspun) people respond by saying that the WSJ is underpriced. Yeah, nice try. I loved reading Media Grok, and I do similar stuff all day and I don’t think it’s worth $50. I wish them luck, and hell, if you have extra money to throw around (and don’t want to just give it to me) go ahead, and sign up.

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