Email Overload For CEOs

from the how-to-cope dept

An interesting article in (of all places!) USA Today about how different CEOs cope with being inundated with email. Most of them find they’re getting more and more email every day – and most find it both very useful, and very time consuming. Lots of execs have different strategies for dealing with the email. Some (but not many, it seems) have an assistant screen their email. Others get a Blackberry pager and use spare moments of free time (such as in the elevator) to get through a few emails. The popular times to look at emails are early in the morning or late at night. There was one exec who says he doesn’t have a computer at work or at home – so he just doesn’t deal with it at all. Some execs have (finally) discovered the beauty of instant messaging as well, though it’s more like a cell phone – in that you only give out your IM name to the most important people.

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