Workers Shopped On Company Time

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It appears that nearly 25% of online shoppers this holiday season shopped from work. Almost 90% also used their work email accounts for personal reasons. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is a big deal? If people get their work done, who cares if they spend a little time shopping online, or emailing a friend? Apparently, many companies do care, and instead of trusting their employees, they’re cracking down – and installing monitoring software that alerts them immediately to any wrongdoing. I think this just creates a bunch of resentful employees.

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Comments on “Workers Shopped On Company Time”

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1 Comment
msykes says:


I don’t really get what the problem is with companies. I mean I understand if someone spent entire days shopping, but I really doubt that’s happening. I mean dotcoms did a lot of things wrong, but I thought that their perks designed to make employees happy (foosball tables or sodas or whatever) were a good idea, if just expensively executed. Here we have these other companies on the other end of the spectrum, doing their best to make their employees unhappy!


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