Music Fans Ignore Official Music Services

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Not that this is a surprise or anything, but not too many people are signing up for MusicNet or PressPlay. The article compares the downloads of the various free file sharing offerings (such as Morpheus and Kazaa) to RealOne for MusicNet. The free services had about 3 million downloads last week. RealOne has 7,506. Everyone has said many times before that there simply is no reason to go with the pay-for versions that offer significantly less in quantity and quality. What I don’t understand is why the music labels went ahead with releasing these services when they have nothing special to offer with them. If they were creative, they would have figured out how to leverage the fact that they actually have the rights to the music to make the service more (not less) compelling.

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Comments on “Music Fans Ignore Official Music Services”

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1 Comment
stankydanky says:

No Subject Given

I think its just a distraction for the public to mull over while the industry comes up with it’s REAL idea of online music. Can’t say I’m too excited about it. I think things are fine as they are. I just read an article saying albums are going gold and breaking records, i can’t believe how much they bitch like suddenly average jo citizen buys an mp3 player instead of a cd this year. Yeah right!

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