Microsoft Sues Lindows

from the bad-Lindows,-bad dept

Well, that didn’t take long at all. Microsoft is suing Lindows for trademark violation. Lindows, of course, is the Michael Robertson company that is coming out with a modified version of Linux with Wine, to allow users to easily run Windows-based programs. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I can see why Microsoft is suing, though, I really doubt that Lindows is going to confuse to many people into thinking it’s a Microsoft supported project. The only thought here is the conspiracy theory that Microsoft is working on their own Linux distribution and want the name back for themselves – but that’s just my delusional brain making stuff up.

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Comments on “Microsoft Sues Lindows”

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Tech 'n Artist says:

They may have a case

I have no love lost for MicroSoft, although my friend who works in computer security really appreciates them.

Anyway, while it sounds like satire or a play on words, MicroSoft may have a case that the business currently known as Lindows may be infringing on the Windows brand name. But then I am not a lawyer and am only offering a bit more than an opinion. This will will probably end up in the legal system and guess who has the deep pockets.

Techfusion says:

Re: They may have a case

Actually, the names “micro” and “soft” and “window” (singular, not “windowS”) are copyrighted, so Microsoft isn’t even using a copyrighted word with “windows”. This appears to be another attempt by MS to squash their competitors. I’ve used Linux for years along with WINE (WINE doesn’t even work that well) and I find Linux to be a much better OS, as it’s “parent” UNIX has always been.

Lindows is using the Debian distribution and KDE, both of which have been around for a long time. I recently started using Lindows and it’s very easy to install and use. They’ve left WINE out for now as it doesn’t work that well.

osirisgothra (user link) says:

Only Another Reason Money is God

This world is all about money. It always has been and always will be. Whenever there is a threat to any money-making organization there will always be swift “Justice”. Microsoft has demonstrated that to us again and again. Nobody goes after the scout ant on the sidewalk, they spray the ants making off with the sugar coming out of the cupboard. My point is, nobody sues someone unless they have something to gain. Whether it’s something now or thinking long term, usually it’s the now, not the long term (scout ant) that gets the attention. Don’t be fooled into thinking Microsoft “cares” about anyone. They like to make it look that way, while they are feeding the homeless in china, they are stabbing the starving “uni-merican(?)” small business owner’s children in the back.

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