Web Radio Taking Off… Slowly

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The LA Times has a good story about internet radio. For years people have been talking about it, and trying it out – with very little success. There are plenty of companies or individuals who have tried and failed, but more keep coming. Sooner or later, someone is going to figure out how to make it work. I think a lot of the problem is getting the word out. With a regular audience, you anyone who turns on a radio has a chance of catching your station, just by flipping the dial. On the internet, who knows where the hell you have to go to find anything good.

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Comments on “Web Radio Taking Off… Slowly”

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Tim Price (user link) says:

Web Radio struggling..

The bottom line dynamics of Internet radio are 100% different from conventional broadcasting. The more listeners the Internet radio station has, the more expensive the service becomes to the producer. This is wholly at odds with terrestrial broadcasting, where after set-up costs (which are substantial) every extra listener is effectively free. Until this changes, which it probably never will, pure-play Internet radio stations will only be able to make a living – if at all – from offering content to niche communities of interest on a subscription basis. The future of web radio will be to support terrestrial channels as part of the offering, or to showcase the talents of new content makers on a strictly low cost basis. Pure Internet radio is not and never will be a mass medium. On the other hand, on demand streaming is an improvement on ‘live’ broadcasting, and you don’t need ADSL for acceptable audio delivery.

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