Understanding Cybersex Addiction

from the who-knew-it-was-such-a-problem dept

Okay, I have to admit that this still seems ridiculous to me, but I’m sure some psychologists will yell at me for laughing at others’ problems. I don’t quite understand how people can get addicted to cybersex, but it’s apparently a big problem for many people. Though, to be honest, it sounds like it’s not “cybersex” that’s the problem, but merely a symptom of a bigger problem that people face.

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Comments on “Understanding Cybersex Addiction”

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Anonymous Coward says:

let me explain a few things about how your body wo

you see, there’s this little thing called a “pleasure center”. It’s there because your neural pathways need some incentive to produce the behavior and physical actions ncessary for breeding.

Let’s be honest here… would anybody bother breeding if it weren’t… well… plesasurable. I sure as hell wouldn’t. What a fscking waste of time that would be.

Since men are wired for visual simulus, once they realize they can get the stimulus without all the usual human interaction and other flaming bullshit that’s part of human existance, the motivation to do what, well, comes naturally using the least path of resistance kicks in.

Women… well, I’m not really qualified to comment, but my *guess* is that they’re wired slightly differntly and respond sexually to a completely different set of parameters (thus the need for the negotiation process of mating rituals)… fortunatly, the internet caters to them as well (they *are* 51% of the population after all) in the form of chat rooms and alt.sex.stories.

Homosexuals? Crossed up wiring. Nothing wrong with it. In fact, if AIDS killed it’s hosts sooner and were just a *little* more infectus, the world might be filled with lesbians, cautious gays, the imputent and otherwise hetro internet sex addicts. What a wonderful, perhaps less fsckedup, world that would be.

Anonymous Coward says:

Cybersex Addiction

I don’t quite understand how people can get addicted to cybersex

Do you understand how people get addicted to cigarettes?

Same thing goes for all IMO.

Some people can just start with a sexy wall paper and end up having to have their share of cumshot.mpg evey night.

I’m not saying that *EVERYBODY* with a naked laetita on their desktop will end up totaly hooked, but some people do and banning pornography altogheter (as if it’d be possible) will not solve the problem

it sounds like it’s not “cybersex” that’s the problem, but merely a symptom of a bigger problem that people face

I have to agree to that; because a kid plays carmageddon doesn’t mean you’re gonna find teeth on his bumper and dried blood on his wipers.

myelementonline (profile) says:

Its easy to do

The reason i think its sooo addicting is its soooo easy to do. In most cases its free and it feels good – like getting free crack lol Ive never done it but i know its highly addictive – its pretending to be with people we can never have – it feels really good. Im a model and i fantasize all the time 😉


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