Order A Pepsi With Your Phone

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For years people have been talking about how one day the wireless world will let us do such neat things as “order a soda from a soda machine just by dialing a number…”. It sounds cool for about a second and then you realize that that’s not exactly a huge breakthrough worth getting excited about. Anyway, that doesn’t mean anyone stopped using the example, and now it’s about to come true in the US thanks to some work Pepsi is doing installing these new “wirelessly enabled” Pepsi machines. Now we’ll really see how little anyone cares about using such a system.

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Comments on “Order A Pepsi With Your Phone”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I saw such a machine in Hong Kong around July or August. You could dial a number and it would be automatically credited to your account.
The vending machine also allowed you to purchase drinks using an Octopus smart card.
About the same number of people used coins as the smart card.. but I didn’t see anyone using the dialing method. Doesn’t that seem a bit dumb to anyone else? Why would you want to dial for cola?

Deb says:

pepsi phone

I had heard about a tv commercial, set by a fountain in italy….business man is trying to buy a soda from machine..has no change…scooter zips up with young punk, punk pulls out cell phone, aims at machine, dials,…gets soda..drives away. Business man looks frustrated, then starts looking for money in nearby fountain.wades in…as a nun walks up…..heard about this ad a year ago, and cannot find it on net..has anyone seen this? Yes, I have checked adcritic.com..no luck

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