Study On American Internet Use

from the the-digital-divide-is-educational dept

So, the latest study on internet usage in the US shows that 72.3% of us are online (up from 67% last year). More interesting, though, are the reasons for not being online. The biggest reason for not being online was the lack of an adequate computer. However, it’s not clear why they lack the computer, since very few people said “expense” was the reason they stayed offline (though, I wonder if many people thought that “lack of adequate computer” was the same as “I cannot afford a computer”). There are also a bunch of people who simply don’t want anything to do with the internet. I’m sure we all feel like that some days. Update: Another odd finding of the study was that teenaged girls are more likely to have internet split personalities. That is, of all groups studied, teenaged girls were more likely to have multiple online “personas” that they used for different sites or occasions.

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