Judge Tries To Stop KaZaA

from the good-luck dept

So, a Dutch judge has said that KaZaA has to stop people from trading copyrighted music or face huge fines that grow on a daily basis. There have been a bunch of articles about this showing up this morning. This one is great because it has the response from KaZaA’s attorney who says basically “er… there’s no way to stop this”. They point out that the judge obviously (is this a surprise?) doesn’t exactly understand the nature of the technology – and that once it’s been downloaded from KaZaA, there’s really nothing they can do to change it. So, at worst, they’ll shut down their own website, but that won’t stop people from using the software (or others creating clones that work with it). Anyway, who would use KaZaA anyway, when Morpheus gives you the same network without the annoying adware?

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