Finding A Backup To Excite@Home

from the not-an-easy-task dept has a detailed article about what the various cable companies are trying to do in their mad scramble to figure out a backup plan if the network gets shut down tomorrow – as some creditors want. Basically, it appears that most of the cable companies that use @Home are screwed. They’re all working on alternatives, but none will be completely ready by tomorrow. Every company will have some percentage of customers without service – possibly for as long as six weeks. The backup plans all seem pretty rushed – so who knows how well they’ll even work. The article fails to mention the stunning backup plan Comcast suggested to its customers this week – which is that they should sign up for a NetZero account which gives them 10 free hours of dialup access. Gee. Thanks. Anyway, one comment on this whole mess: the creditors and some others are claiming that the @Home network is really worth $1.5 billion. Here’s a note sent to those people from the world of reality: the network is worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for it. No more, no less. I don’t see any other bidders banging down the door to beat AT&T’s offer of $307 million. If they continue to complain and bitch and moan, they’re likely to get less. Just look at what happened with Metricom. When you’re bankrupt, you’re really not in a great position to be greedy. Take the highest bid and live with it.

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1 Comment
Jester says:

i have ? about comcast

when was the last time anybody got into comcast systems and hacked porno because went through a day of hell because that is what i suspect happened because i didn’t do it she didn’t do it but comcast says that one us did so they stuck her with a 400$ bill that basically wiped us out and there is no way to prove that we didn’t ya know besides if i want porn i can just get on the web and bamm hit with it from all sides anyway thats my ? mike thanx 🙂

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