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Wasn’t really planning on posting at all on this day after Thanksgiving, but just came across this (registration required) article in the NY Times about why people have a tendency to talk louder when they’re on a cell phone, thus disturbing more people around them. It also looks into the reasons for lots of other mobile phone related activities. It seems that I don’t fit into the stereotype of the young adult male who feels the need to show off his cell phone. I try to always leave mine on vibrate, and if it rings, I move as quickly as possible to someplace private (if possible) so as not to bother anyone. It seems that most guys my age do no such thing and prefer to show off their technology savvy by yapping away, at a higher volume than necessary. One small note, though, is that in the article they talk about the tendency for more men to put their phones on a table at a restaurant or bar than women. While the researchers claim it’s to “show off plumage” or whatever, I think it may be a lot more practical. Women often have a purse to keep the phone in. Keeping a cell phone in a pocket can be uncomfortable, and so it’s often easier to put it on the table for that reason – rather than to show it off.

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Comments on “Cell Yell”

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Phillip says:

The novely dies eventually

We had that here in London many years ago, then it became a cliche and only the more ostentatious still do it. Most 7yr olds in my area have a mobile so it’s no longer a status symbol. A couple of years ago I saw it repeat on the French Riviera, a street corner seemed naked without a peroxide blonde yapping on a mobile. One story in the papers commenting on the phenomenon out there gave the following story: man on a bus talking at the top of his voice annoying all the other passengers; suddenly an old man has a heart attack and the passengers ask him to call an ambulance; man with phone rather ashamedly tells passengers it’s not a real phone. Sad. Currently Virgin are trying to force the mobile up the status symbol chain by constantly running adverts telling people they are social lepers if they are seen in public with a mobile that isn’t fashionable enough. Pretty much fits in with today’s consumer definition of Christmas spirit imho.


msykes says:

Re: The novely dies eventually

It’s definitely a lot to do with morons “showing off” (oooh, a cell phone, never seen one of those), but I think a lot of people just believe that they really need to yell loudly. I mean every once in awhile you get such had reception that you feel the need to speak up, and then some people forget that that’s not necessary all of the time.

Plus, I don’t think a lot of people realize there are volume controls on their phones…


PS: My phone hasn’t been turned off of vibrate mode in months now… good for me!

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