Carriers Pitching Mobile Phone Etiquette

from the be-nice dept

A few months back we had an article about how Spring PCS had hired an “etiquette spokesperson”. It seems they’re not the only ones. Many of the wireless carriers are making a big push to teach people cell phone etiquette – which may be a battle they just can’t win. The article describes the different efforts that each company is making, but doesn’t seem very optimistic. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people understand the basic points of etiquette, but ignore them. I think part of it might just be that we’re all so conditioned to answer a phone whenever it rings (hello, Pavlov). In the past, when we were out that wasn’t an issue, because we didn’t have a phone. But, now, even if we know it’s wrong, the phone rings, and we need to answer it. I know plenty of people who say (before they get a cell phone) that they’ll never use it in public situations where it might bother people – and many of those people (since getting their cell phones) are the worst offenders I know.

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