Non-Lethal Weapon: Sonic Boom!

from the Ouch-that-hurts,-this-ain't-StreetFighter dept

I don’t think I want to see this anti-hijacking weapon used on a plane. It sends a painfully loud and directed sound that can knock you on your butt. These kinds of weapons have been around for a while, but the issue weapon makers avoid is the chance that these weapons can be turned on their owners to attack the people they’re supposed to protect.

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Comments on “Non-Lethal Weapon: Sonic Boom!”

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Charles F. says:

Don't work

There was an interesting article about Sonic weapons in the latest issue of the Fortean Times. One point they made is that there is little hard evidence that these weapons actually work at all. There is a lot of rumour of course but no hard evidence – environmental factors come into play very quickly and stop them working for a start. All a cockpit weapon is likely to do is to burst the eardrums of everyone in the vicinity which might make things a little difficult.

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