Dialpad Almost Dead

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Another service than many people liked looks like it’s about to die. People expect Dialpad to announce it’s shutting down, though some still hope for a last minute acquisition. While the company had a loyal following of people who used it to make cheap long distance calls online, they (like so many others) couldn’t figure out how to actually make money off of that idea. Apparently, they also brought in some questionable management types to try to help the company, but who may have ended up hurting it more. I think the problem with Dialpad was they simply expected people to do too much to get cheaper phone calls. Sure, people love cheaper phone calls, but they don’t want to pay a “hassle” price to get them.

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Comments on “Dialpad Almost Dead”

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1 Comment
sb says:

No Subject Given

I cant comprehend jokes like this STILL EXIST?!??!

Dialpad is just another NAZ 5000 leftover.
Never was a real company

It was formed by VC’s to sell shit fake stock to the sucker public…..window closed….this FAKE JOKE should have been CLOSED by summer of 2000.
You win some, you lose some…no big deal. Real VC’s made enough to last 17 lifetimes/…..

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