Virtual Keyboards

from the who-needs-a-real-keyboard? dept

Okay, I’ve been telling people for a while that I thought the best input device for small mobile devices was going to be something that would just let me put my fingers on any surface (a table if it’s nearby, my lap if I’m sitting down) and type – and it would recognize what I was typing. It seems that such a product is getting closer to reality. At Comdex, Senseboard is demonstrating their virtual keyboard. It works by strapping this virtual keyboard pad to your palm, and then it can sense what you really mean to be typing – and transfer it via bluetooth to the device of your choice. Of course, you need to be able to touch type to make it worthwhile. Here’s a picture (actually an animation) of the device. Of course, at this point it’s still too big. I’m better off carrying around one of those foldable keyboards. Still, it does have some coolness value in having people say “what the hell are you doing?” as you type away on a table somewhere.

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