Behind The Scenes On HP's Board

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The next in our line of “behind the scenes” articles is a story about some of the behind the scenes events concerning Walter Hewlett and the HP Board of Directors. It seems that Hewlett missed the crucial board meeting where the Compaq merger was discussed in detail so that he could play in a special private symphony with the Bohemian Club Symphony Orchestra, which sounds like some sort of old-boys networking event straight out of a bad Hollywood movie. Since then, he hasn’t fully understood the deal, and other board members are angry at him for skipping out on the meeting. Plus, others are angry about the timing and method of his announcement (a public press release) with a different stance than what he had indicated he would take privately during the board meeting. Who said business was boring? Update: The Register has an article about the article we linked to above saying that it’s obviously propaganda from “pro-Carly” supporters – or possibly blessed by HP PR people. When are they going to start dropping leaflets on each others supporters? Oh, wait, I guess they’ve already started.

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