It's Time For UCommerce (Or Maybe Not)

from the ubiquitous? dept

A good article trashing a recent Accenture report saying that mobile commerce will soon be called “uCommerce” for “ubiquitous commerce”. The article takes issue with many of the points in the report. The main point being that it’s unclear that people really want to be able to shop any time from anywhere, using their mobile phones. It’s amazing how many reports don’t ever figure out what people want when they start making their predictions.

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Comments on “It's Time For UCommerce (Or Maybe Not)”

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1 Comment
vincent says:

What people want

is often very surprising. I for one wouldn’t have
ever thought that people would *buy* mobile phone
ring tunes! That’s a stupid thing to do if there
is one, but apparently people do. As long as there
is sufficient buzz and ads around it, people will
probably think they need it. Maybe not for long,
granted. But by then the companies that started it
will be somewhere else trying to find another way
to trick people.

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