The Hard Drive Ate My Homework

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An article about how technology is playing a bigger role for younger students. Teachers are getting used to assignments that require students to use computers. It’s causing some problems for parents who suddenly don’t know how to help their kids use PowerPoint for a homework assignment.

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Comments on “The Hard Drive Ate My Homework”

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MLO says:

No Subject Given

I would have to say, if I were a teacher, I’d make sure I had a bare bones system installed by my desk. Nothing fancy, just a standard PC.
Then I’d make this a mandatory rule: If you cannot turn in an assignment on the day that it is due, because “the hard drive crashed/ate my homework”, you must bring in the offending part. If I can throw said part into my bare bones system, and make it boot up, you fail the assignment. If you don’t bring in the hard drive in question, you fail the assignment.
Good thing I’m not a teacher.

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