No Laptops At Comdex

from the say-what? dept

If you’ve ever been to Comdex, you know that people everywhere are carrying bags filled with giveaways from all the various booths. Many people, of course, carry around their laptops as well… since it is a tech show. This year, however, as a security precaution you will not be allowed to bring any bags into Comdex. Of course, since many people pick up their bags inside the show where exhibitors are gladly handing out bags to fill with toys, trinkets and propaganda, you’ll be allowed to use those bags. However, once you walk out of the exhibits you won’t be allowed back in until you ditch the bags again.

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Comments on “No Laptops At Comdex”

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Pat Castaldo (user link) says:


My favorite part is “Exceptions for the no-bag rule will be made for exhibitors and members of the media.”

Which, while already being at least half of the people there, basically sends the message “Don’t worry potential terrorists, if you have a color ink jet printer and access to a Kinko’s laminator, you can still sneak things in.”


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Except...

One year at macworld I obtained every type of badge. Full Access, Press, Exibiter (Apple employee even!), and another one I think. It’s very easy to do. I’m sure it would be even easier at someplace as large as comdex.
This is just another annoyence put out to provide a false sense of security. It won’t acomplish anything real.

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