Cheating At Online Poker

from the easy-or-hard? dept

An interesting article (in the NY Times, so registration or “borrowed” username/passwords are necessary) about online poker. Playing poker online brings up interesting issues and questions not found in a regular poker game. Most obviously, you don’t have to deal with how good someone’s “poker face” is – since you can’t see their face. However, some poker players say they can tell things about people based on how quickly they respond or other online “tics” that give away their hand. A more important issue, however, is cheating. When people play online you don’t know if two or more of the players are otherwise communicating to fix the game somehow. The article quotes someone at a virtual casino saying that they’ve got technology on their side – and can usually spot the cheats. However, some think many of the online casinos are missing most of the cheats.

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