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Bombarding Stolen Mobile Phones With SMS Messages

from the good-plan dept

Back in March we posted an article about Dutch police sending SMS messages to stolen mobile phones to annoy the crooks and to guarantee that they couldn’t resell the phones. Apparently, the plan has been working very well as thefts of mobile phones are down drastically. However, the police may have to stop doing this program, because of the costs involved with bombarding the mobile phones with messages. There’s also the legal question of whether or not this is actually legal. It still seems like a great idea to me.

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Comments on “Bombarding Stolen Mobile Phones With SMS Messages”

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Doogie Brodie says:

Interesting idea but.......

….. So I steal a phone, take the sim card out, throw it in the nearest bin, and the police/ KPN waste a lot of time and energy SMS’ing to a SIM card which will not register with the network again to pick up the messages……….!?!

The phone can then easily be sold on to someone who could buy a SIM only deal from any phone retailer.

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