Microsoft Pulls Out Of The Metreon

from the competition-does-funny-things dept

Last weekend I went to see a movie at the Sony Metreon with some friends, and got there a little early. So, to kill time, we popped into the Microsoft store there to see what XP really looked like. It seems I may have been one of the last people to get to see the store when it was “MicrosoftSF”. With the launch of the Xbox – a competing product to Sony’s PlayStation, I guess Microsoft no longer wanted to pay rent to their new competitor. Microsoft has shut down the store. In its place a new store is opening up that will sell “all kinds” of digital products. I still don’t believe that the stores at the Metreon are really designed to sell products. They seem a lot more like “showcase” stores than anything else. The prices are higher, and the main point of both stores (the MS and the Sony one) seemed to be just to let people test out their products.

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