Google Searches For Documents, PowerPoints And Other File Types

from the go-go-google dept

Google, who was the first to go beyond just searching web pages when they started searching PDF files a few months ago, is now also searching other types of files as well, including Word documents and PowerPoint files. Of course, I’m not sure how many such files are on the web, but it certainly could be useful to be able to search through those documents as well. Update: Interestingly, Google is also looking at showing a thumbnail image of each website along with the search. I think this is actually a pretty cool idea that could be useful. However, some are afraid it might slow down page loads. They could easily add this as just a simple preference for those who want it.

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Comments on “Google Searches For Documents, PowerPoints And Other File Types”

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1 Comment
Pat Castaldo (user link) says:

Perfect corporate bridge...

This sounds like a perfect beginnings of a larger move into corporate intranet serarching/indexing… especially being able to dig in Word and Powerpoint documents. In a big company, why not just search for things the way you already do on the internet… and Google’s become the defacto standard for that.

This kind of thing could eventually compete against products already offered by companies like Verity and Convera.

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