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Simulations Of The World Series

from the it-all-depends-on- dept

It seems that folks from 3DO and 989 Games have beaten me to my planned simulation of the baseball World Series that begins tomorrow. The 3D0 simulation predicts the Diamondbacks will win (sacrilege!), whereas 989 says the Yanks. Of course, both tests were run on the Playstation 2 – and if you know anything about baseball video games (the one area of video games that I actually do know something about) the better versions are the PC versions. And, on the PC, 3DO’s High Heat Baseball is clearly the winner. So, I’m chalking up their silly Diamondbacks prediction to Playstation malfunction. On my PC, I’d guess the Yankees will take the crown, as they should in real life. 3DO even admitted that when they ran the simulation at the beginning of the season, the World Series was between the Red Sox (again, sacrilege) and the Braves, so obviously, while the game is great – they have no idea how to simulate real baseball. I mean, how is it possible to program in “The Play” that Derek Jeter made in game 3 of the Oakland/NY series (but, I digress…)?

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