Is The Next Browser War For The Phone?

from the that's-what-they-want-you-to-believe dept

Business 2.0 is saying that the next browser war will be on your cell phone. Of course, I heard the same thing about two years ago and nothing happened. I’m not really sure how big of a “war” it will be. People aren’t as interested in all the various “browser” features on their phone as they were on their computers. I expect that they’ll simply accept whatever browser comes with their phone, and assume that it’s just a part of the phone and not think of it as a “browser”.

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Comments on “Is The Next Browser War For The Phone?”

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1 Comment
Andrew Wolfe says:

Use my QCP-6035 phone (Palm) and browser is import

The issue is that a phone-only device is becoming stupid. I love my QCP-6035 for its direct-from-address-book dialing and the wireless web browsing. PIM add-ons let me run my whole life off this thing. Single device.

The Eudora browser is good, but really HandSpring’s Blazer is better. In fact, Blazer’s made a big improvement to my wireless web access.

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