MobileStar Dead, Excite@Home Not Taking Any New Customers

from the broadband-sucks dept

Well there goes that set of plans. In my continuing quest to find some sort of broadband access, some friends suggested I find a Starbucks or hotel or airport (well, not any more) that was served by MobileStar’s wireless LANs and hang out there whenever I wanted high speed access. A good idea until MobileStar announced they’ve laid off everyone and are selling their assets. Maybe someone can buy both MobileStar and Ricochet and combine them? Yeah, yeah. Wishful thinking. On the other hand, I still keep toying with the idea of signing up for @Home on the assumption that someone will keep them running. Never make assumptions. Excite@Home has announced they won’t take on any new customers any more. I’m telling you… someone in the broadband world is out to get me.

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