Government Wants Their Own Internet

from the greedy,-aren't-they? dept

It seems that the internet has become a bit too common for the government that started it in the first place. Apparently, they want their own separate private internet just for them to play on. Why do I have an image of top ranking government officials playing networked games on this network?

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Comments on “Government Wants Their Own Internet”

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1 Comment
Michael Armstrong says:

There's nothing stopping them

Really, there isn’t. Anyone can do it, if they want. Order the circuit(s), buy the equipment, hook it up. Done. OK, so it’s over simplified, but how is the internet, or a private version, truly different than a LAN/WAN without any outside connections?

Honest, the Internet is just a bunch of T1’s and T3’s (and their European counterparts) with routers. The circuit owners recoup their costs through selling access to outside parties.

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