An Archaeologist's Year In Silicon Valley

from the the-unexplainable- dept

An Oxford archaeologist spent time during 2000 in Silicon Valley trying to figure out what makes it tick – from an archaeological perspective. Apparently, everywhere she looked she got a different opinion, and everything kept changing too quickly. So, she wrote a book about the experience. I have no idea if the book will be any good – and I imagine that among people who live here most will say “that’s not the silicon valley I know”. In the article, it says she decided to write the book after seeing someone playing around with a Palm Pilot in September of 1999. When she asked him how long it had been out he said he had worked on it and it was coming out the next day. I don’t see what’s so amazing about that – and it was obviously just a model change on the Palm, which had been out for many years before ’99. Anyway, the book itself is called Artifacts : An Archaeologist’s Year in Silicon Valley. Amusingly, she says she’s been trying to contact most of the people she interviewed for the book to let them know it’s out – but most of their emails are bouncing. Welcome to Silicon Valley…

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