Richochet Working At Ground Zero

from the go-Richochet!! dept

Harvey Bath writes “I know you will be happy with this news as you always talk about Richochet a lot.” Harvey’s right. The article is about how the Ricochet service has been turned back on in lower Manhattan only to help with the rescue operation. Yet another example of how the Ricochet service could be useful. The article also points out that no further buyers have emerged. I don’t understand why Metricom didn’t just take the $20 million offer. When you have the choice of $20 million or nothing… I think the choice is pretty obvious. My own personal broadband internet saga continues, as Sprint told me today that they are no longer offering fixed wireless in my area, despite the fact they were offering it a week ago. @Home keeps sending me postcards, but I don’t want to deal with that mess again (and every time I call them they say it was a “mistake” that they sent me a postcard anyway, since they don’t really offer service here). With the cheap flights that are available these days, maybe I’ll just fly to NYC with my laptop and Ricochet, camp out around Wall Street and enjoy my high speed access.

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