PayPal Wants To Go Public

from the now-might-not-be-the-best-time dept

All the news about the stock market has been about how badly it’s been doing (especially in the tech sector), so it’s a huge surprise that PayPal filed for an IPO. Well.. I hope they do well.

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Comments on “PayPal Wants To Go Public”

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1 Comment
Mike (profile) says:

do they deserve to do well?

I agree that it would probably be a good sign overall, if they do well… but I wonder if they really deserve to do well. It would probably help if they were profitable (which, they’re not). It’s not clear what it will take for them to become profitable… So, chances are it won’t do well. I bet that Google will watch this IPO carefully. If it does do well, expect a number of other tech companies to jump into the IPO fray.

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