Online High Schools

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An article looking at the growing popularity of online high schools. Most of the time when people talk about online education, they talk about university level education, but high schools are increasingly testing online education as well. For many students who have otherwise slipped through the system, it can work well. It’s being used by some kids who have been kicked out of school, or by students who were being home schooled previously. The critics say that it’s tougher to monitor the students (are they really studying? are they cheating?) and that the kids lose out on the chance to learn how to properly socialize with other kids. I think the socializing aspect is definitely a big deal, but I’m sure for a percentage of students, this is a really worthwhile way to learn. I could especially see it being useful for students enrolled in a regular school who want to take a specific class that their own school does not offer.

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Comments on “Online High Schools”

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clous says:

High School elearning

High Schools are in shambles these days. Its not like it was when we were there. I am all for the incorporation of elearning but it doesn’t have to be so unidimensional. Bring on home schooling! I also envision “neighborhood learning pods” where groups are schooled by neighborhood organizations of parents, each who bring something to the table and perhaps split time working and teaching. Our schools were modeled in the industrial revolution – after factories. Its time to change all this. People need to get creative and redefine education. The social aspect is very important, but it can take different forms than just putting a bunch of children in a big factory and letting them disperse into cliques and the traditional social groups (jocks, nerds, preps, hippies, etc.). I think this form of socialization is poor. There are so many other ways that the socialization could happen.

Duffman says:

Re: High School elearning

I do agree with some of this, but, unfortunately, I’ve heard way to many stories of home schooled children who switch to non-home schooling, and it turns out they have problems adjusting (or absolutely love seeing other children) and many are undereducated. The problem with home schooling is there is no standards. Well, there is, but they not enforced. I agree that high schools are very different even from when I was there 5 years ago, but it’s not going to change without a lot of money, time, and effort, and none of those look to be very forthcoming in the near future.

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