The Next Online Conspiracy Game: Lockjaw

from the take-a-little-Majestic,-mix-in-some-A.I... dept

A bunch of volunteers who got hooked on the online game associated with the movie AI are creating their own online based conspiracy game called Lockjaw. It sounds like a mixture of the AI game and EA’s game Majestic. The main difference between Lockjaw and Majestic is that Lockjaw is supposed to be collaborative. They’re expecting people to work together and build communities to complete the game. The team has been working on it in secrecy, but the all volunteer nature has apparently created a few problems with people who didn’t agree with the “direction” the game was taking – and they haven’t discussed any issues about who owns the rights to what. Maybe it’s time to come up with a GPL (or something similar) for online games…

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