WR Hambrecht Caps Salaries

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With all the stories of tech company execs receiving million dollar severance packages while their employees get laid off with little to no packages, it’s a surprise to see a company go in the other direction. WR Hambrecht is putting in place an across-the-board salary cap of $60,000. I think it’s a great idea, though the fear is that this will encourage higher paid executives to jump ship to other companies. I’d imagine those who had their salary cut by more than half won’t be too happy about things. Of course, with the job market being as crappy as it is, they might not be able to find a new job anyway.

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Comments on “WR Hambrecht Caps Salaries”

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1 Comment
clous says:


this is the way a lot more companies should operate, like a startup in the traditional sense…base salary plus a % of revenue, gross margin, net income, whichever is most incenting. make people eat what they kill at all levels of the organization, top to bottom. the important thing here is to properly align and administer the incentive side, so you don’t allow politics, personalities and power to influence the distribution of incentive pay. align the goals of the company with those of the individuals and provide systems to measure production and acheivement. OK, that’s enough, Clous. You are beginning to sound like one of those overpayed hyped-up consultants that you despise. Excuse me, folks.

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