Why the Bombings Mean That We Must Support My Politics

from the too-good-not-to-post dept

Ok. My goal this week is to try to get as back to “normal” as possible, and try to focus on posting technology related stories. I’ve been receiving submissions on non-tech stories, and I apologize to those of you who submitted them, but there are probably much better places for you to submit them. However, I will post this one, which I just came across. For the most part, many politicians have been very good about not politicizing this tragedy, but some simply cannot help it (it’s what politicians do, after all). So, while I’m happy my local Californian politicians are thinking about me as a constituent, I hope they stop trying to twist the events into ways to try to make it seem “more relevant”. Even worse, are those who are using it just to push their own agenda. Here is a great fill-in-the-blank essay on why the tragedy means that everyone must support my politics that seems to be the template for way too many articles I’ve been seeing lately.

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