Yet Another Virtual Woman Headed For Fame

from the watch-out dept

The Chinese have decided that they can beat Lara Croft at her own game. Some folks in China have developed “Chyna”, a virtual woman with plans to make her famous all over the world. They’re starting with a movie featuring the character, and will move on from there to music albums, toys, photobooks, television shows and video games. The article doesn’t have any pictures, but describes this virtual woman as being 5 feet 7 inches with Asian features… but the body of a “Scandanavian swimwear model”. I guess people are getting sick of molding actual humans like Britney Spears into plastic shells of humans for entertainment purposes. Now they’ll just create them entirely from scratch. Then you never have to deal with all the fallout and controversy ten years from now when it shows up on “Behind the Music” or “E’s True Hollywood Story” or whatever they call those shows these days.

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