Bill Gates Wants Government Regulation…

from the stop-the-presses dept

Okay, it’s not exactly what it sounds like. However, he is worried that broadband prices are too high, and people won’t be able to use all the neat broadband-associated features of Windows XP (meaning less reason to upgrade and gasp less money in his pocket). So, the man who recently saw the government try to tear apart his company – and talked about the “freedom” to innovate (which meant the government should stay away) is all for the government figuring out how to make broadband access cheaper. I’m not arguing the point of his argument – I just find it amusing that Bill Gates would ever recommend the government get involved in anything.

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Comments on “Bill Gates Wants Government Regulation…”

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perogiex says:


That I just heard on the radio about a price war between our cable and DSL providers up in Ontario.
In Ottawa, they’re going to charge $20 Canadian for the first six months of service. Right now, the price is usually $40 CDN (~$27 US) a month.
I’m having trouble beleiving some of the prices charged down south. How can they be so different? (Yeah, I know you more, less monopolistic phone and cable providers, but still…)

The Captain says:

big surprise

Is Bill’s attitude really THAT surprising?

He’s proven that he (and consequently Microsoft as well) has only ONE interest…himself. He’s also proven that he (and ALSO consequently Microsoft) that he will do and say anything to further that ONE interest.

Anything he says is simply a PR spin to get what he wants…tomorrow if its in his interest to protest government involvement in broadband…he’s going to protest.

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