Sprint Killing ION

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After much fanfare and hype about the eventual launch of Sprint’s “integrated on-demand network”, branded ION, the company is now saying the program is likely to be cancelled. It was supposed to let people make phone calls, send and recieve faxes, and use the internet all over a single phone line (which would be nice), but apparently they thought it would work a lot better than it actually did. The article doesn’t detail the “technical problems” they faced, but it would be interesting to find out what didn’t work – and why no one realized it would be a problem when they first announced the system.

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Comments on “Sprint Killing ION”

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1 Comment
alternatives() says:

ION pre-dates "The Internet"

I remember gettting “on the InternNet” back in 1984…..to swap Apple ][ pirate software…..back before the great net reorg on usenet. I also remember getting a silver Sprint ION card in my college dorm days, 1986-88. That is *WELL* before “internet time”, as far as the rest of the world cared.

ION is old…..far older than “The Internet”….at least as far as phone compananies and the average consumers care.

If it dies it dies,

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