Finding Funny Stuff On The Internet And Putting It In A Book?

from the yeah,-that's-a-long-term-solution dept

Well, here’s an odd one. Some guy has gone hunting around the net to find the funniest stuff he can find and wrote a book about it? It seems like the sort of thing that is, well, more suited for a website. Oh wait, there are already hundreds of sites that accomplish that need – some very successfully, such as Memepool and Metafilter. To make matters worse, he spends all this time searching the internet and writing a book and the best he can come up with is AOLiza, that annoying mullet website, and Koko the monkey? These were all mildly amusing a couple of years ago. In the article he claims that the internet has now reached the point where people can put up fun and silly sites like that – whereas they used to only use it for research purposes. I guess this guy never discovered GeoCities five or six years ago when everyone had annoying sites like these. Weren’t we just talking about how there were fewer interesting sites on the web these days? Anyway, if you really want to spend $12 on such a book, here’s a direct link to Out There : One Man’s Search for the Funniest Person on the Internet.

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