Adobe Washes Hands Of Dmitry

from the not-our-problem dept

Isn’t it great to see corporations standing up for what’s right? Adobe, who caused the whole Dmitry mess by having the guy arrested, and then later changed their mind about the whole thing, are now saying they have no responsibility in the case. They say that they have nothing to do with it, and that it’s all the government’s problem now. This is tricky, because it’s not clear that there’s really anything that Adobe can do, but the way they’re acting makes it seem like they simply don’t care about the life of a guy they single-handedly had thrown in jail. Just because they admitted (after the fact) that this guy doesn’t belong in jail, doesn’t mean they’re off the hook. He still is facing criminal charges. It would make sense (and would show some corporate responsibility) if they would at least make some sort of effort to help get the case thrown out.

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Comments on “Adobe Washes Hands Of Dmitry”

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1 Comment
Robin Lionheart (user link) says:

EFF was used

So much for “the high standard of
integrity that has made the company successful”, which the EFF praised Adobe for in their meretricious joint press release calling for Sklyarov’s release.

Adobe is not in the least interested in “doing the right thing”, they merely gave just enough lip service to get the EFF to do spin control for them.

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