Another Cellphony And Some Cacophony

from the ok.--please-stop-now. dept

A few months back we linked to a story about a symphony with cell phones called the cellphony. However, that was just a brief (probably recorded) medley using ringtones before an actual sympony played for the audience. Now, however, someone is putting together a real cellphony, though this one is called the Dialtones Telesymphony, which doesn’t have quite the same… well… ring to it. Anyway, this one involves actual cell phones and audience participation. Audience members have to register their mobile phones and download special ringtones. Then, they’re given assigned seating, and the “musicians” will use a special musical instrument to call the appropriate cell phone at the right time to create the “musical experience”. It sounds positively horrible. Also, knowing that cell phones tend not to ring immediately when called, I could see how the timing might not be so great. Anyway, across the pond, the Brits at Virgin Mobile apparently know cacophony when they hear it, and are planning to get the Guinness World Record for the most cell phones ringing at once in a single place with none of this artistic crap about making it into a “symphony”. They are just getting a ton of people together, giving them earplugs, and going to let ’em all ring.

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