Scott Adams And IDEO Create Dilbert's Perfect Cubicle

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Dilbert creator Scott Adams hears a lot and thinks a lot about office culture and what the perfect cubicle would be like. So, he teamed up with famed industrial design firm IDEO, to create the perfect cubicle. It looks pretty cool. It’s completely modular and easy to personalize (you want astroturf carpeting? No problem!). It has lots of cool features, including an early warning detection system for when the boss is coming and a pull out hammock. There’s also a wilting flower that springs to life when you enter the cubicle to make you feel loved while in your cubicle. I’m not so sure about the cubicle lighting that follows the path of the sun, though (that might get annoying). However, the most useful feature is clearly the guest chair. When anyone sits in it, your phone will automatically ring 30 seconds later, so you can kick them out of your cubicle. For more info on the perfect cubicle you can check it out at IDEO’s ultimate cubicle site or the corresponding Dilbert’s Ultimate Cubicle site at

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