Suing Yahoo After Yahoo Almost Sues

from the too-many-lawyers dept

Okay, try to follow the logic of lawyers here. A clueless lawyer at Yahoo noticed that if you typed in you were sent to (this was a surprise?). She sent a cease-and-desist letter, not realizing that (just like many many sites) if you type in it goes to The article makes a big deal about “wildcard DNS”, but you don’t even need to understand that to know what’s going on here. When this was all explained to Yahoo and their clueless laywers, Yahoo (wisely) backed off. However, that wasn’t enough for They’re now suing Yahoo back, though it’s not exactly clear what for. I could (maybe) understand looking for a summary judgment saying that what is doing with the wildcard is perfectly legal (which it is). However, instead of that, seems to want to sue for completely random things – such as having porn content on their site even though they promised not to. I think lawyers from both sides need to practice gripping reality – because it’s apparent that they’ve gone off into some weird “Sue us?!? We’ll sue you!!” land that has no basis in reality.

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Comments on “ Suing Yahoo After Yahoo Almost Sues”

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Ed says:

Yahoo cluelessness

It sounds like lawyers are now spinning out of control, but the initial action by Yahoo really makes me wonder. I can see why the guy who runs * gets lots of threatening letters from clueless people — that’s the whole point of his site. But it bothers me that Yahoo’s legal staff is that clueless about the workings of the Internet. Could this be a clear indication that Yahoo does not “get it” any more?

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