Fingered By The Movie Police

from the guilty-until-proven-innocent dept

Salon is running a good article that points out (yet another) problem with the DMCA. It’s the story of someone who had their internet access cut off because the MPAA decided they had uploaded a movie. The problem is that the person in question hadn’t uploaded a movie – and in fact hadn’t been near the computer when the upload apparently took place. Yet, the ISP still cut them off without asking for their side of the story. That’s what the law says they need to do. The MPAA says that if the person is innocent than they have nothing to fear (that sounds ominously familiar, doesn’t it?). Why is it that almost anyone with common sense knows the DMCA is a horrible piece of legislation that takes away so many individual rights and unfairly burdens people while giving excessive and unnecessary rights to corporations – and yet lawmakers have no plans to do anything about it?

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