Computer Games Stunt Mental Development

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There have been plenty of questionable studies and claims about how computer games affect children. Here’s one, though, that took actual brain scans to suggest that computer games hurt the developmental growth of children. Of course, I’m sure a lot more work needs to be done before most people will take the results of this sort of study seriously. I already see a few flaws based on the description in the article. Obviously playing video games and doing arithmetic problems will use different parts of the brain. However, I’m not exactly sure how they proved that playing video games actually “stunts” the growth of important parts of the brain. The article also points out, interestingly, that the researcher who did this study is looking for funding to continue his research – and what better way to get funding than to come out with quite a bit of publicity over your findings…

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Comments on “Computer Games Stunt Mental Development”

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Duffman says:

Comment from elsewhere...

Slashdot, I think. What about playing RPGs? Or, even better, puzzle games, such as Myst, Raven, and the like – I think harder when playing those games than I do sitting in class. Is playing puzzle games more beneficial to me than going to classes. Pleeeeease say yes.

Though, according to the article, (…the frontal lobe, which continues to develop in humans until the age of about 20…), everyone older than 20 is OK for as much video gaming as they can handle – they’ve already got as much self control as they’re ever going to get. ;>

Allison Marritty says:

confirming studies on video computer games

DR. Robert Officcly of Rutgers Uni. N Brunwich NJ
has been studying computer video games since 1993, he has conclusive evidence and documentation that the mind slows in retards in development at an age of less than 17 if exposed to the use of most computer video games.
He has been critical in helping six plaintiffs secure out of court settlements on more than 18.5 million in actions bought against developers and distributors of the related computervideo games.

thank for your interest in this important but overlooked social issue


Allison Marritty, Phd. Edu.

Robby says:

An absurd argument

I have been consistently gaming since the days of atari to the present xbox 360. I consider myself “hardcore” within the gaming community and invest a considerable amount of time in my hobby. I am also attending college to earn my degree in psychology. I assure you that if gaming was going to stunt anyones mental growth it would have stunted mine, but I believe I benefitted greatly from my experiences. Gaming helps develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, situational awareness, focus, compassion, empathy, hand-eye coordination and motor skills to hit on a few points. Do not look at the single dimention portrayed by the media of gaming. Research it for yourself with an unbias eye and see the benefits. Not the mental stunting of todays youth.

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