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Okay, since pop ups and pop unders are such a popular topic around here, I might as well link to an article with links to plenty of ways to get rid of them. Has anyone tested any of these “solutions” out? I still haven’t – mainly because I’m afraid my already unstable computer will only get more unstable if I start messing with some of these plugins. Plus, I think in the back of my head there’s the ridiculous idealist that thinks that companies will (finally) realize that pissing off their users is not a good thing – and the pop ups will go away. That’s why I still email almost every site that gives me a pop up to tell them how angry it makes me – and I’m much less likely to visit as an angry user than as a satisfied one.

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Comments on “Get Rid Of Pop Ups”

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emmzee (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Webmasters know very well that popups annoy their users. They don’t use them because they are greedy and just want more money. (At least, most don’t.) I’ve held off using popups on my site even though I If you don’t like the popups that a particular site has, don’t visit it. But turning off popups and using a site’s content will result in websites being shut down. Visitors often don’t stop to consider that. While I can see the problem if a site spawns multiple popup windows, I really don’t think that having to close a single popup window is that big of a hassle in exchange for free content.

emmzee (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Errr, the indecipherable sentence in my post above should actually be something like:

“I’ve held off using popups on my site even though I would easily make twice the amount of money I’m making now. If you don’t like the popups that a particular site has, don’t visit it.”

Sorry, brain cramp. 🙂

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Hey, I don’t buy that argument (and people have made it here many times before) that you shouldn’t disable pop ups because it will make websites shut down. Why is that my problem? Those websites should figure out ways to make money without pissing me off. If they annoy me by adding pop ups, why can’t I annoy them right back by blocking the popups? I just don’t buy the “sit there and accept it” argument. I want my surfing experience to be as smooth as possible, and I should be able to do whatever I can to get that. If sites want to make money, then let them try to figure out ways to make money – but if it’s crashng my browser and messing up the experience, then I’m going to prevent that from happening.

Anyway… I do try to stay away from many sites that offer pop ups – and I let them know that too. Plus, I try not to do business with companies that put their ads in pop ups. No more eBay. No x10. No Next Card.

I still believe that a real company figures out how to make money without pissing off it’s users. That’s what a business should be.

Samson says:

Re: pop ups

You can also look into your computer and notice that you have extra programs install and dont have a clue how they got there.SysAI, WatchMemory and so on.They are little programs that make pop ups appear also.Not to mention viruses like trojans.You can delete those folders that have these programs that bring up pop ups, but some you’ll have to get into the registry to do it.Pain in arse.

Phil Holdsworth says:

Malicious pop-ups

I have a problem with a pop-up / trojan / malware. I have a current problem with a site called I r5un Firefox and Mozilla. TThe Jasmine page loaded itself 7 times last night and 2 this afternoon. I contacted their support and was told to buy a pop-up blocker.

I was pissed off with them already and that was like pouring gasoline on a welding torch.

I may have to consider myself lucky that I have only had to do the malware cleanup three times over the years. The first time was a re-format and reload. The second was a 1-1/2 day odyssey with Several heavy-duty malware cleaners.
It remains to be seen what this one takes.

Thanks for listening..


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