The Standard Shutting Down

from the another-one-bites-the-dust dept

The Industry Standard, which out of all the tech “new economy” magazines was always one of my favorites, is shutting down. It’s not a huge surprise, of course, as they had bulked up and were just as much a part of the dot com culture that they covered. I wonder if they’ll include themselves on their layoff tracker website… It’s a little confusing because the article suggests that the website will continue to add new content. Update: Hmm. has their own story about The Standard shutting down. They say that the online division will keep going – with a much smaller staff.

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Comments on “The Standard Shutting Down”

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1 Comment
spongebrain says:

No Subject Given

good riddance, buzzword spewing garbage
the best sign of the fucking stock market top was when this magazine basically became a stock magazine. all they talked about were stocks…they didnt know the dfference b/w a stock & a firm…in the boom, Anyone who had a fucking clue , wouldnt be writing articles. good riddance to this joke.

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