Thais Warn Of Computer Dangers

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Ron Morris writes “The local English-language newspaper, the Nation, has an article on the dangers of computers. Did you know they can cause hyperactivity and autism? There are so many dumb quotes in this article, it’s hard to know where to begin. How about: “The doctor added that computers were not unlike the thumb children suck on when deserted by their parents.” and “He also said that children in front of the screen were not deep in concentration, but were rather hypnotised or in a trance. During such a “trance”, Chulalongkorn University Professor of Communication Arts Kitti Kanpai warned, youth could be dehumanised. ‘They speak less, order more and their language is filled with symbols,’ he explained. Communications, Kitti said, will become more machine-like as youth lived in an increasingly virtual world rather than the real world.”” The scary thing is that there are even more quotes that might be worse in the article. Personally, I like the one where the “Youth Group” person “played rough” with a kid and said he nearly fell over because he was so weak from computer usage. Um. Yeah. The article actually never says it (bad reporting!), but it appears that they’re talking about a group in Thailand that put out this fear-mongering report.

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