A Look At H1-B Visas

from the immigration dept

News.com has a very interesting set of articles all about workers with H1-B visas. I have a lot of friends who are here on H1-B visas and I’ve seen some of the struggles they’ve gone through over the past few years. H1-Bs are visas for foreign professionals to come work in the US for a period of six years. There’s a lot of controversy about the program from people who don’t seem to understand it very well – or who seem to have different agendas than what they put forth. That’s not to say the program is perfect, but I side with those who think it’s done a lot more good than bad. It helps bring highly educated workers into US-based companies at a time when it’s still difficult to find well-trained, qualified professionals for many jobs. The set of articles goes into the issues in a lot more detail and makes for a very interesting read.

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